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What great timing to get sick…

F u

I don’t remember the last time I couldn’t sleep because I was so emotional.

I honestly can’t even believe what is happening in my life right now. Every morning I wake up feeling more heartbroken and confused.

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Annoyed and eavesdropping

Just overheard a man say to his ~12 year old son~, “you dont want to help around the house but then you whine and complain that I don’t spend enough time with you..”.

I’m so sick of the way people are emotionally abusive, especially to kids.

Now he is making half-assed attempts to see what’s “going on” in the kid’s life.


I love Thought Catalog (thanks, Jillian)

The Respect Habit

The quality of your actions matters. Do everything with care. Pick up and put down objects as if you respect them. Don’t just drop yourself into a seat, sit down with purpose. Respect everything you buy, borrow, give away or dispose of.

Respect your time. Spend your time on things that put you into a better situation in life, on things that make you more capable, rather than on things that make you feel good for the moment. You will love yourself for doing this.


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